Gio Nominated For Young Volunteer Of The Year

25th October 2016

Gio Davino was nominated for the Young Volunteer Of The Year Award at the Wesport Awards last week which he attended with his coach and mentor Jamie.

Gio began attending Empire following an incident at school and was placed on the EFC one to one mentoring programme which he attended every Friday morning. Gio showed a fantastic attitude from the day one and although he was very mild mannered he was always quick to volunteer to help out the staff during the day and younger people in the junior sessions. Fast forward 6 months and Gio has now achieved his Junior Boxing Leaders award, volunteered many hours of his time helping to coach the younger members of Empire and also given up his weekends to help set up professional boxing shows in Bristol all through a love of the sport. We are very grateful to Gio for all of his hard work and his wonderful attitude and politeness whoever he is around.gio