Empire Fighting Chats #1 – James Takes on the Half Marathon

14th May 2019

Our Commercial Director James has set himself a goal of completing 13 miles of September’s Bristol Half Marathon, taking on the 100 Day Challenge for #TeamEmpire.

James has also set himself the challenge of losing up to 4 stone, which he intends to do by making lifestyle changes. As this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on Body Image, we interviewed James to discuss his concerns with his weight, his reasons for becoming overweight, and his reasons for making a change.

The main reason is that there is an image issue; but it’s a very vicious cycle because what you do is you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t like what you see, and so you therefore go away to find comfort to get away from the feeling that you have, and that feeling for me at the moment is food.

James on his reasons for taking on the challenge

To follow in James’ steps and run the Half Marathon to raise money for Empire Fighting Chance, sign up at