James takes on the 100 Day Challenge – Week One

28th May 2019

Our Commercial Director James Filmer checks in about his reasons for taking on the 100 Day Challenge in aid of Empire Fighting Chance.

So, I guess this is Day One… So there is obviously a lifestyle change that I’ve agreed to make, and there’s also a weight-loss change. Using the word ‘expose’ which we talked about earlier, I think it’s important for people to see that whilst I know that this journey is going to be tough and that there’s  going to be good days and bad days, today’s a really good day… 

So I’m currently coming in at about 17 stone 9, and the goal is to lose certainly no less than 3 stone – if not 4 stone – before the day of the half marathon. So, we’ll be keeping you updated, and hopefully we’ll be giving you good news every week and sharing with you the emotional as well as the physical journey, and we encourage you to check in with us every now and then, and contact us if you’ve got any questions.

Up and Running Fitness in Westbury Park sorted James out with a gait analysis to look at his running, and he picked up his first pair of running trainers – if you listened to our recent podcast talk between James, Dan and Sports Psychologist Sam, you might have heard how they encourage using a small treat to yourself as a reward for undertaking a challenge or goal.

Buying something like a pair of new running trainers encourages you to use your new purchase and gets you exercising.

And sticking true to his word, James has taken on his first training session with our 100 Day Challenge programme organiser, Operations Manager and former Royal Marine Dan Smart! Being mindful of the additional weight and the impact that exercise can have on joints, Dan has eased James into the training as he completed his first mile in his new trainers.

Despite feeling at a disadvantage when he took on the challenge, James now has a head start on the other runners who have signed up to the 100 Day Challenge, which starts on June the 7th.

Places are running out, so be quick to sign up if you’d like to be involved in training for a half marathon with our supportive team!