Kye takes on the 100 Day Challenge!

7th June 2019

Kye recently spoke to his coach Shiren about what Empire Fighting Chance means to him, highlighting just a few of the reasons why he has decided to train over 100 days in preparation for the Bristol Half Marathon in September.

Great effort, Kye!

If you’d like to support him with his fundraising efforts, you can go to his JustGiving page to find out more about why Kye is raising money for Empire Fighting Chance:

Here’s a photo of Kye in the zone, doing what he enjoys most at Empire Fighting Chance, under the watchful eye of coach Shiren.

This embodies why boxing is so cathartic for young people, simply showing that it is so much more healthy to take out the anger and frustration – that every young person feels at some point – out on the punch bag instead of in other ways which may be more harmful to themselves, or others.

I could’ve been getting involved with the wrong crowd, but coming here, it brings the better side out of me.