We interviewed April on her time at Empire Fighting Chance

29th October 2019

We caught back up with April – awarded September’s Champion of the Month – and asked her about how working with her mentor Courtney has helped her.

Full transcript below

“What do you enjoy most about coming to Empire?”

“It’s like, half the actual boxing ‘cos I enjoy the sport and half of it is just to have a laugh. And like take your mind off the week, and like, think about the next week.”

“Do you feel open enough to talk to one of your mentors?”

April: “Yeah. Definitely. Well, a lot more than I was, anyway… I take a lot of your advice and just like step back from like 90% of situations now, whereas before I wouldn’t have done that I’d have got involved.”

“And I think that’s what helps – trying to be relatable, like so obviously I don’t go and try and make out that I’m perfect… I tell you obviously some of the stories that like personal stories that have happened to me or similar situations that I think we’ve both been in, you can relate to that a lot more than some other… psychologists, or sitting in a room with four white walls.”

April: “Yeah, it’s better with like a real person, works with you rather than like works to try help you.”

Courtney: “Someone that doesn’t try and change your thought”

April: “No, yeah”

Courtney: “Just try to help you see the goal yourself.”

April: “Yeah… There’s no way I would’ve skipped for 3 minutes, or 4… And now… Like no it’s not even 3, it’s 6. I wouldn’t have done that before, I still do that now. Like, seeing that I can actually do something for a long period of time and actually see myself get better something that’s fun that’s not a chore, which actually makes me, like, better and calmer.”

Courtney: “You said in your schoolwork as well that you’re doing better, like obviously you got A* in your mocks last week so I think the longer-term goal is to build on that then it’s GCSE’s and obviously seeing you through that process.”