Champion of the month – Jayana

17th November 2020

“It’s nice to hit something other than a wall. I’m done with street fighting now. I would definitely recommend Empire Fighting Chance, learning how to box has stopped me street fighting, yeah.”

Jayana and Coach Matt with her certificate

Jayana is a 14-year-old girl who has been excluded from mainstream school was looking for improved anger management skills and confidence. 

“I refused to do stuff at mainstream school. I refused to listen, would talk back to teachers, swear at teachers, take my shoes and bag off, and run around, because I found it funny. I misbehaved because I couldn’t do my work and the teachers never listened to me. I have found St Matts easier because the class sizes are smaller and its more chilled. In my boxing sessions Empire coach Matt listens to me.” 

“I was always angry before my sessions and arrogant. The boxing has helped me learn how to control my anger a little bit, in a way like, and learn not to punch walls. Boxing has helped with my anger and helped with my behaviour.”

Jayana has been at a Pupil Referral Unit and has been making such good progress, that she has recently found out that she can go back to mainstream school.

“I am now going back to mainstream, which I do and don’t want to do. But I want to have a good future, and I know that mainstream school is better for that. I want to work with children or go to college and be a mechanic. Training with Matt has helped me prepare for going back to mainstream school. It helped me get rid of some anger and given some techniques for how to master my mood when I am back.”

Not only has Jayana attended all boxing sessions but she has also been training other girls at the Pupil Referral Unit. The other girls initially felt the mainly male cohorts of the session would be intimidating but Jayana has quickly encouraged and supported them to join the session, acting as their mentor. For Jayana’s passion, passing on her knowledge and inspiring fellow females to engage and start the sessions, and for getting back into mainstream education, she is our Champion of the Month.