You choose!

Skydives 2020 

Experience the thrill of Skydiving as you test your courage to help transform young lives. 

The tandem jump will push you to your limits with a free-fall from 10,000ft lasting 30 seconds and reaching speeds of up to 125mph!

Catching your breath as the parachute opens at 5000 ft, you’ll get to take in the views and do some high-speed turns on the magical journey back down to the drop zone.

Registration costs just £50 and all jumpers need to raise £395 minimum sponsorship. This covers the cost of the jump and £220 comes directly to Empire Fighting Chance to fund our work with young people. 100% of everything over £395 will also come to Empire Fighting Chance!

Are you brave enough for the challenge?

  1. Sign up for a day of your choice on the Go Skydive website or choose a different jump location with Click and Jump.
  2. Receive your Welcome Pack and start fundraising for your jump
  3. Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime in aid of Empire Fighting Chance!

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