Anderson Financial Management

18th February 2021

We are delighted to announce our newest partnership with Anderson Financial Management, a Bristol based business who provide a wide range of financial services to the highest of standards.

Champion of the Month Jahkai

10th December 2020

“I feel like coming here is something I will spend all my life doing because the people in the gym are nice to me and I’ve gotten to know a lot of the coaches. They all look out for me.”

Champion of the month – Jayana

17th November 2020

“It’s nice to hit something other than a wall. I’m done with street fighting now. I would definitely recommend Empire Fighting Chance, learning how to box has stopped me street fighting, yeah.”

COVID-19 Gym Update

21st October 2020

It’s been six weeks since we closed the gym doors due to government restrictions around Covid 19. During this time, we were determined to continue working with young people most in need. Our plan was to ensure that all 1:1 and therapy clients had no loss of service and these sessions began immediately from the morning of Monday 23rd March.


8th October 2020

Archie, 18, has been working with EFC since April 2020. He came to us because his confidence had been adversely affected since lockdown began and it was starting to impact all areas of his life, including relationships in his family and in particular, his brother.

Champion of the Month – Reece

4th September 2020

Reece is an 18-year-old referred by CAMHS as he had been struggling with violent intrusive thoughts and hears voices. He was bullied throughout his school life, had very few friends which impacted his confidence and self-esteem.