Lloyds Bank share Community Funds with Empire

28th February 2014

Lloyds bank kindly donate £3,000 of their Community Fund to Empire Fighting Chance to help fund their after schools programme

Frank Bruno backing Empire’s Mental Health Project

14th December 2013

Frank Bruno talks to the Mirror newspaper about how boxing helped change his life after severe depression and why Empire's boxing programme is key to tackling mental illness in the city.

Boxfit’s a knock out

21st November 2013

Boxing legend and mental health advocate Frank Bruno sparred with service users from Bristol Active Life Project on Wednesday to mark the half-way point in the 10 week Boxfit programme in Bristol.

Boxing legend Frank Bruno leads new fight in Bristol

21st November 2013

With the sound of his distinctive laugh there was no need for the visitor to a Bristol gym to announce his arrival.

Boxing clever against mental health issues

18th October 2013

With posters of boxing champions covering the walls and punch bags hanging from the ceilings, you would be hard pushed to find a more macho place. But, despite the image, the team at Bristol Boxing Gym are keen to help break down some stereotypes.