In 2018 we supported 3,628 young people through our various activities.

We improved education:

  • 92% of targeted young people improved their attendance at school  
  • 88% are no longer deemed at risk of exclusion from school

We reduced crime:

  • 78% are no longer committing anti-social or criminal behaviour 
  • 72% are less likely to be part of a gang

We improved physical and mental health:

  • 81% are fitter
  • 78% are happier 

We built young people’s attitudes and skills:

  • 81% are more positive about their future
  • 82% have increased aspirations
  • 88% are more confident, 
  • 70% are more able to overcome challenges

We improved relationships:

  • 61% improved their relationships with their family 
  • 65% find it easier to make friends

We supported young people to progress into careers:

  • 90% of targeted young people have progressed into employment, training or further education