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At Empire Fighting Chance we were committed to ensuring that young people on our programmes and their families stayed active and engaged during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Your mentor will have encouraged you to take a look at this page, and as you work through these exercises and information we’d like you to speak to your mentor so they can track your successes and provide you with further guidance, and encourage you to the next level of your training!

Be sure to click on each heading below to be taken to each section of the work that we do and discover some of the helpful content we produce.

Fitness and Health – Click link for more videos

Here’s your first home exercise to attempt: Dan’s 20 minute home workout.
Let us know how you found it.

One of our founding principles is healthy body, healthy mind. You can help yourself into this healthy mindset by doing things you enjoy, such as exercise. Another of our founding principles is going with the flow.

Personal Development – Click link for more videos

Negative thoughts and feelings are normal. The good thing is, they don’t last! Our programme is built around personal development, and here our Sports Psychologist Sam (co-founder of the Training with the Champions programme) explains the foundations of our advice, used by world-class athletes, and you!

Boxing Technique – Click link for more content

While you’re improving your outlook on life, you can encourage a growth mindset by learning a new skill. Why not learn the foundations of boxing?
In the next video, Jamie talks us through the Jab.

Careers – Click link for more content

In this difficult period of isolation, we know how daunting it can be to look towards the future and know what to do with your career, particularly when your present has been affected by school closures or job losses.

This is why we are offering remote careers support from our dedicated Careers team: Aaron (Careers Coach) and Sharon (Careers Manager).

For more information on what they are doing in this time, take a look at our recent careers blog.