Empire Fighting Chance

One to One Mentoring

Project: One to One Boxing/Mentoring Programme

One on One MentoringThe Empire Fighting Chance one to one Mentoring programme works with those young people aged 8 to 19 classified as being hard to reach, at risk of exclusion from school and having complex needs.

Many of these young people are also committing criminal acts or participating in anti-social behaviour.  This programme provides a holistic and integrated set of services that have been designed to respond to the complex set of risks and influences faced by young people in Bristol’s deprived communities.

The programme will run weekly one to one boxing/mentoring sessions over an average 20 week period where we will train and mentor the young person. There is however no maximum number of mentoring sessions a young person can attend. These young people will then be signposted to specific group sessions at no cost.

Signposting is extremely important part of our Theory of Change. It is based on the assumption that a person’s behaviour, wellbeing, situation and the life choices they make, are dependent on the way the young person sees themselves, how they relate to others, their friendships and how they see their future. Therefore, we intend to focus on personal development throughout our work with young people in order to have an impact in these essential areas.
These group sessions allow young people to form new friendships with peers who have a common and positive purpose.

One of the great advantages of this project is that it is unique within the Bristol landscape. We are also using the credibility as Bristol’s most successful sport using coaches that are qualified mentors. These sessions provide the young person with a positive role model, someone who is prepared to listen to their concerns, offer impartial advice on situations and, if necessary, refer the young person for psychotherapy with one of our partner organisations.

This is a development of a programme piloted successfully at a local secondary school where we worked with 10 young people on a one to one basis over 20 weeks.

The young people showed improvements in attendance, academic engagement, reduced violent and inappropriate outburst and felt more confident about themselves and their choices. They also formed new friendships (often with other one to one attendees) and some actually have sessions together.


Referrals for this project will be made via the following:

Empire outreach work, young people self-referring, Youth Offending Teams, local primary and mainstream secondary schools, St Matthias Pupil Referral Unit, Avon and Somerset Police, 16-25 Independent People

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