Empire Fighting Chance is now recognised as a major influencer within its sector. We have ambitious plans to grow, both nationally and internationally. We are looking for a combination of founding and official partners to join us on our exciting journey.

A partnership with us offers a unique experience. We aim to have as big an impact on the organisations we work with as they have on us, using the knowledge we’ve gained throughout years of developing young people and professional boxing champions.

We can help you inspire and increase customer and staff engagement through our awareness-raising campaigns, staff and customer fundraising, sponsorship opportunities, volunteering and our bespoke 1-2-1 and group programmes.

There are many reasons why you might consider partnering with Empire Fighting Chance. Here are just a few that might appeal:

  • Profile – a partnership with us will increase your exposure to customers at a time when we are in the spotlight. For example, following their visit to our gym in 2019, which generated national and international press coverage, we count The Duke and Duchess of Sussex as our supporters.

“These days we know that mental health is so important and that it affects so many people, so how do we start to deal with that? In the UK we have a great affinity with sport – and I think boxing in particular – that can have a really positive impact.

“The thought of sitting down in a chair, one-to-one, with a therapist, can be a real deterrent. However, this is the sort of place that you don’t even realise you are being cured, but you are. Centres like this are so vital, but it’s a time where it seems like they are having to close their doors more and more.

“What is being achieved here is so important, especially for our young people. It really is incredible to see.”

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry

As well as partnering with a charity that has the royal seal of approval, you will benefit from:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Brand loyalty is key, and increasingly the public are driven to spend their hard earned money on companies which help make a difference. By partnering with us, your business will help us make a difference on your behalf.
  • Staff development – Staff will get opportunities to learn new skills through volunteering with us.
  • Improved culture – People will feel proud to work for a company that supports young people.
  • Stronger team – Staff come together while volunteering and fundraising for us.
  • Stronger brand – You will improve your reputation and distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Social conscience – You will signal a desire to impact on mental health awareness, along with the full spectrum of social issues.
  • Strategic Partner Engagement, plus many other benefits…

If you would like to find out more about how we could work together, please contact our Head of Fundraising Joanna at joanna@empirefightingchance.org.

As always, our highest level of thanks is reserved for the following companies that support us in a multitude of ways: