The Duke & Duchess of Sussex are paying us a visit…

30th January 2019

The Duke and Duchess are visiting Bristol to discover more about the local culture, meet young people, and see firsthand how we help to fight the impact of deprivation on young people.

duke and duchess of sussex

Empire Deliver Open Access Sessions

25th October 2018

Empire Fighting Chance will deliver open access non-contact boxing and fitness sessions for young people aged 10+. The sessions will consist of authentic boxing training including speed skipping, bag work, technique and pad work

Champion of The Month – Morgan

10th September 2018

Morgan has really proved himself over the past few months and impressed his coach Vaughan who described him as,"One of the smallest in the gym, probably with the biggest heart."

Champion of the Month – Dontae Davis

10th August 2018

Dontae has been working with the Empire team for over a year and last month completed his work experience at Empire Fighting Chance.

100 People 100 Days 100 Pounds

17th May 2018

Could you be one of Empire Fighting Chance's 100 entrants for this years Bristol 1/2 Marathon? On the 23rd September, Bristol will host 10,000 runners in this iconic, annual Half Marathon.

Boxfit Taster & Networking Session

20th February 2018

A 45 minute non-contact boxing work-out led by one of our boxing coach/mentors.  Experience how we use speedball, skipping, pad-work, dodgeball, shadow boxing and circuits to build young people’s physical health & personal resilience.