We support young people experiencing emotional and behavioural issues as a result of social and economic inequality.

Poverty and inequality pack a powerful punch. We fight for young people hit by their brutal effects.

Most individuals we support have had multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), including violence, abuse and family breakdown. These traumatic events and the toxic conditions they battle on a daily basis mean that young people struggle with their mental health.

The consequences can destroy young lives and include youth violence, exclusion from school, self-harm and unemployment. These young people face powerful barriers to gaining mainstream support, resulting in issues escalating until they reach a point of personal crisis.

Despite the challenging world that they have been born into, we have yet to meet a young person without talents to draw upon to change their lives. We work alongside young people to identify and harness their strengths to overcome the challenges they face, and ultimately realise their unique potential. 

The toxic conditions of deprivation and inequality that young people endure can create a range of issues, including:

Poor mental health

Traumatic events, structural inequality and environmental factors can lead to vulnerable young people experiencing poor mental health. This can include anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal ideation.

Poor physical health 

Low levels of physical activity, combined with poverty, often leads to poor physical health. Obesity and nutrition deficiencies are a particular challenge among young people and can lead to more serious health conditions. Coupled with high levels of stress, these can perpetuate health and social problems such as absence from school and low self-confidence.

Behavioural issues

Those we support often express their emotional distress in ways that can lead them into trouble rather than care and support. Many have been excluded from school and engage in negative behaviours, including aggression, drug and alcohol misuse, criminality and gang activity.


These various issues combine to prevent young people from engaging in education, employment or training. Mental health issues, for example, can lead to absence from school and poor classroom behaviour.