Personal Development

In the Personal Development section, our team share their insights around achieving optimum mental health and personal performance. The very foundations of our 20-week programme ‘Training with the Champions’ are built on this knowledge, in no small part thanks to years of working with high-performing athletes through the thick and thin. Help yourself get into their winning mindset by watching these videos and let us know how you will apply them yourself!

Negative thoughts and feelings are normal. The good thing is, they don’t last! Sports Psychologist Sam explains what is taught to young people on our programmes, and used by world-class athletes πŸ…

Coach Jack’s key message for us all is to take on that task you’ve been avoiding! Top athletes step outside the comfort-zone regularly. What will you do to push yourself today?

Coach Sara advises how eating well and staying hydrated will help you smash each day πŸ‘Š

Also, check out this NHS eating well for teens guide…/eat-well/healthy-eating-for-teens/

What are you grateful for right now? Big or small, focus on what is already here, rather than what is missing. Heather challenges you to put this into practice. Are you up for it?

Here’s Ben discussing the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

Being kind in a lockdown is a winner. Give an extra helping hand at home. In other words put the kettle on! When we help others, we help ourselves.

Sara shares with us how sports personalities such as Tyson Fury have realised that long term, true happiness is not dependent on achieving large goals.

Check back for more as we continue to build on this resource, and update your mentor with what you learned!