Our flagship programme combines non-contact boxing with mentoring and psychological education for young people aged 8 to 25.

Created by Empire Fighting Chance in partnership with highly regarded sports psychologist Sam Kotadia, the Box Champions programme features a structured selection of activities, with each week’s session themed around a famous boxer.

Our coaches intersperse physical activities with individual or group discussions, at targeted points of the session where the young person is in a receptive mindset.

Each week we communicate one simple, powerful lesson about the mind to create healthier thinking. Young people, for example, learn how to bounce back after failures and to control their anger.

As trust develops, our coaches support young people to establish personal goals and draw on their learning to take positive steps towards achieving them, such as returning to school, making new friends or finding a job.

To refer a young person to our mentoring programme,
email info@empirefightingchance.org

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