We use young people’s interest in sport to engage them in learning and help them earn qualifications.

We offer young people a practical, sports-based education programme where they can complete various sports-based qualifications. These include:

AQA Awards

Empire Fighting Chance is a registered AQA Awards centre.

AQA Awards are a unique way to record learners’ achievements, and are designed to boost student confidence, engagement and motivation.

We deliver training for young people to achieve AQA Awards which include: Coaching Boxing Technique; Fitness Coaching; Enterprise Awareness; Fitness Testing; Mental Toughness; Streetwise with Money; Understanding Careers. Download our brochure at the link below. 

BTEC Diploma in Sport

In collaboration with local football club, Bristol Rovers, we deliver a BTEC Level 3 for young people with an interest in working in the sports industry. The course combines academic studies with a sporting experience.

We also embed informal education support into our other programmes.

We focus on supporting young people to improve their functional skills. For example, during boxing sessions, we use fun exercises related to boxing or other sports to help young people to improve their literacy and numeracy.

To find out more about any of our education offerings, or to make a referral, please contact Chris Gale, on chris@empirefightingchance.org.