After our success transforming young lives, we now also transform organisations with our high performance training and team building activities at our Bristol gym.

We have combined our unique personal development messages, tough physical coaching, and insights into business and optimal performance in sport, to deliver bespoke packages which will supercharge your team.

All of this takes place in a training setting alongside world class athletes, in an environment which has provided champion boxers for several decades.

To help businesses and their people gain a real understanding of the work we do with young people, we invite teams into the gym for non-contact boxing sessions. Throughout the visits we show exactly how our techniques change lives, and put them through their paces in a professional boxing gym.

“We found the day engaging and challenging, which in turn created a good team environment and helped bring cohesion. The understanding and learnings gained on the day were relevant for the day, and the objective was that they can be applied to the business and their everyday personal lives.

“Getting everyone out of the office in a different environment and without phones and e-mails gave us the opportunity to connect and understand each other more.

“We have set ourselves targets and we are planning to come back next year to check progress. “

Lee Bignell – Managing Director of Mobius Works
Empire Fighting Chance coach leads a boxfit session of skipping and padwork with ten of Mobius Works staff in Empire Fighting Chance gym during team building activitiy in Bristol
Photography © Aaron Geis Photography

Our team building activities can help:

  • Your team understand your company’s values and aims
  • Find out about your staff and what you want for them, whether that be stronger communication, more collaboration, better resilience to challenges or clearer thinking
  • Deliver individual, paired and group fitness sessions built on the same foundations that produced professional and world champion boxers in our gym, releasing endorphins and putting them in the best conditions for learning
  • Utilise the insights of our professional sports psychologist Sam Kotadia, who will work with your team to better understand their thoughts and enable them to operate in their optimum mindset
  • Enable your company to transform young lives by supporting Empire Fighting Chance, helping meet your corporate social responsibility goals
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Photography © Aaron Geis Photography

Examples of our successfully optimised teams include:

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was very beneficial as a
business owner as it made a few of our quieter staff members speak up and share their ideas, but also had some of the more experienced coaches reflect on how they deliver sessions.”

Geraint – Director at Up and Running Sports

“This has been a really natural growth into a product which can really help businesses. We’ve all been to team building days which have been less than inspiring… We’ve found that adults take on board the ‘nature of mind’ personal development messages just as quickly as the young people on our programmes. What’s more the funds raised by these sessions go directly towards transforming young lives across the South West.”

Martin Bisp – CEO of Empire Fighting Chance

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