Knocking down


Born on
the streets

Transforming young lives

Empire Fighting Chance was born on Bristol’s streets in 2006 to fight the impact of deprivation on the lives of young people.

We use a powerful combination of non-contact boxing and intensive personal support to challenge and inspire young people to realise their unique potential.

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Sophia’s story

Sophia, now 17, was referred to Empire Fighting Chance by mental health services after experiencing severe depression and self-harm.Read Sophia’s story
"When I started with Empire I was really low and didn't really see the point, but now I feel a lot better. I have loads of plans for the future and I can manage my emotions now."

Rey’s story

Reyband, a 17-year-old Iranian refugee of Kurdish descent, was referred to Empire Fighting Chance through his social worker.Read Rey’s story
"Matt is like my brother - if I was in trouble or something I could ask him, and he would help me. Boxing is my dream. It’s my life - boxing is everything for me now and I can’t live without it."

Enya’s story

Enya, 15, was referred to our Box Careers programme by her school for support with anxiety so severe it led to an eating disorder. Read Enya’s story
"I put my gloves on and feel ten times different when I take them off. I feel a lot calmer, a lot more at ease and a lot happier because I’ve got all the worries and all the anxiety out,"

Our impact in numbers

In 2022 we supported 5,125 young people


are more confident


feel better about themselves


are less likely to commit antisocial or criminal acts


feel more able to achieve their goals

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